If you've just happened on this blog, please note that it's presently being put together. I'm busy researching and writing at the moment and will add scenes as I complete them. This blog is not being advertised at present because I want to finish at least three plays before I do so. You can understand that I need to work on setting up the blog first before it's released into the public domain. 'THE TEMPEST' and 'ROMEO AND JULIET' are now finished. I'm writing the next play.
Thanks for your patience.

The Tempest


Prospero – the rightful Duke of Naples
Miranda – Prospero’s daughter
Ariel – a spirit
Alonzo – King of Naples
Sebastian – the king’s brother
Ferdinand – son of Alonzo, king of Naples
Antonio – Prospero’s brother and the usurping Duke of Naples
Gonzalo – an honest, old councillor
Adrian and Francisco – lords
Caliban – a savage, deformed slave
Trinculo – a jester (clown)
Stephano – a drunken butler
Master of the ship
Other spirits: Iris, Ceres, Juno, Nymphs, Reapers


Act 1
Act 2 
Act 3
Act 4
Act 5

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  1. Hey! Great site! I have a question for you: I have to direct a scene with around 10-15 3rd grade to middle school kids, from Shakespeare. ANY scene, ANY way. Do you have clever ideas for me? Last year, I had about 8 kids and did the cauldron scene with the kids being characters from Harry Potter, so that's the direction I'd like to take. I need IDEAS! Help!
    my email is msucarole@yahoo.com. Thanks!


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