If you've just happened on this blog, please note that it's presently being put together. I'm busy researching and writing at the moment and will add scenes as I complete them. This blog is not being advertised at present because I want to finish at least three plays before I do so. You can understand that I need to work on setting up the blog first before it's released into the public domain. 'THE TEMPEST' and 'ROMEO AND JULIET' are now finished. I'm writing the next play.
Thanks for your patience.

Romeo and Juliet

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Escalus - Prince of Verona
Mercutio - relative of the Prince and friend of Romeo
Paris - young count, relative of the Prince and Mercutio and Juliet's suitor
Montague - head of the Veronese family at war with the Capulets.
Lady Montague
Romeo - son of the Montagues
Benvolio - nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo and Mercutio
Abram - servant of Montague
Balthasar - servant of Montague attending Romeo

Capulet - head of the Veronese family at war with the Montagues
Lady Capulet
Juliet - daughter of Capulet
Tybalt - nephew of Lady Capulet
Cousin Capulet - an elderly Capulet family member
Juliet's nurse
Peter - Capulet's servant attending the nurse
Sampson, Gregory, Clown, serving men - Capulet's household servants

Frair Laurence 
Frair John
An apothecary 
Fiddler and Musicians
Members of the watch
Citizens of Verona
Maskers, torch bearers, pages and servants

The Prologue

Enter Chorus
This story is set in the beautiful city of Verona.
Two wealthy and aristocratic households continuously fight over 
An ancient grudge held between them for generations. This grudge is so deep, it causes citizens to fight and kill their fellow citizens while taking sides. 
From these two sworn enemies, arise an unlucky pair of children who fall in love with each other and eventually take their own lives. 
Their death cause their parents to stop fighting. 
For the next two hours we will show you the unfortunate journey of this cursed love and how, only their children's death could stop their parents from warring against each other. 
Be patient and listen. Whatever we haven't told you here, will all be revealed shortly.


Act 1
Act 11
Act 111
Act IV
Act V

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