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The Tempest; Act V

Scene 1. (In front of Prospero’s place)

Enter Prospero in his magic robes, and Ariel.

Prospero. Everything's going according to plan. There’s not much left to do now, Ariel. What time is it?

Ariel. It’s six o clock. You said we’d be finished about now.

Prospero. I know. Tell me, how're the king and his people?

Ariel. They’re confined together, just like you asked me to do. They’re in the lime grove which protects your place from bad weather. They’re not going anywhere until you release them. The king, his brother and your brother are all distressed. Meanwhile, Gonzalo’s desperate. His tears run down his beard like winter drops. Your magic has worked so well on them, that if you saw them now, you’d feel sorry for them.

Prospero. You really think so?

Ariel. Put it this way, sir. I would, if I were human.

Prospero. I suppose you’re right. It can’t be that you feel for them, and I won’t. I mean, I’m one of their kind. I’ve got the same feelings as they. I’d probably be more moved than you are. Though, with the evil things they’ve done to me, it would be a hard decision to make. My reasonable heart will have to overcome my anger at them. It’s rarer to be forgiving than it is to take revenge on the people who’ve done you wrong. But I suppose, now that they’re sorry, that was the only purpose of all this in the first place, wasn’t it. Go and release them, Ariel. I’ll break my enchantments and restore their senses. They’ll be themselves again.

Ariel. I’ll fetch them, sir.


Prospero. Listen you elves living in hills, brooks, stagnant lakes, sands and groves; who chase Neptune and fly with him when he comes back; you demi-puppets who make crop circles and mushroom by moonlight: I’ve dimmed the noon-time sun and called forth the blustering winds. I’ve brought the war of thunder between the green of the sea and the blue of the sky. I’ve called down fire and have stuck large oak trees with bolts of lightning. I’ve plucked up pine and cedar trees from their roots, all thanks to my art. But now I want to ask for some heavenly music to work on these men’s senses to bring everything to a close. I’ll break my staff and bury it deep into the ground. And deeper than this, I’ll drown my book.

Solemn music.

Ariel enters with a distressed Alonzo behind her. He’s attended by Gonzalo. Sebastian and Antonio are also upset and are attended by Adrian and Francisco. They all enter a circle which was made by Prospero. They stand in it in their charmed state. Prospero looks at them and begins to recite the spell.

Prospero. A solemn air (which is the best comforter to a charmed mind) cure their brains which are now useless – boiled within their skull. Stand there because you’re under a spell. Holy Gonzalo, honourable man. I sympathise with your misery and cry because you do. You’re a man full of charisma. Just as the morning creeps up on the night, melting the darkness, so your cleverness melts ignorance. O good, Gonzalo, my true mentor and loyal friend. I will repay your kindness to me completely. Alonso, you were cruel to both me and my daughter. Your brother helped you in the act. Sebastian, you’re my flesh and blood, my own brother. Ambition and greed made you forget to pity us. You’re pinched forever, both in body and blood, even though your inward pain must be equally strong. You were about to kill your own king, but I forgive you, even though it’s difficult. Ariel, bring me my hat and cloak from my room. I’ll disrobe myself and become like I was when I was in Milan. Quickly, spirit. You’ll soon be free.

Exit Ariel and returns immediately.
Ariel sings and helps to dress Prospero.

Where the bee sucks, there suck I
In a cowslip’s bell I lie,
There I crouch when owls do cry.
On the bat’s back I do fly
After summer merrily.
Merrily, merrily shall I live now
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

Prospero. Why, that’s my dainty Ariel. I’ll miss you, but I’ll set you free anyway. Stay invisible and go to the king’s ship. You’ll find the mariners asleep there under the hatches. The master and the boatswain are both awake. Bring them here immediately, please.

Ariel. I’ll move as fast as air and be back in half the time.


Gonzalo. Only torment, trouble, wonder and amazement happens here. Some heavenly power guide us out of this wretched place.

Prospero. (To Alonso) Look at me, King. The wronged Duke of Milan, Prospero. So you could be sure that I’m really alive, I’ll hug you close to my body. And to you and your men, I extend a hearty welcome.

Alonso. I don’t know if you’re Prospero or an enchanted apparition who’s come to haunt me. You have a pulse and a living body. This is such a strange story(if that is all it is). My mind has been imprisoned with madness lately, but since I saw you, I’m beginning to see clearer. My Duke, I surrender to you, and I beseech you to forgive me my wrongs. But how are you living and here in front of me?

Prospero. First, noble friend, let me pay tribute your age, which is due complete honour.

Gonzalo. Whether this is so or not, I’m not sure.

Prospero. That’s due to the island. It has that uncertain effect on the mind. Welcome all, friends.(Aside to Sebastian and Antonio). But you two; if I wanted to, I could make the King believe what I told him to believe about you. I could prove to him that you’re traitors, but I won’t.

Sebastian. (Aside) The devil speaks to him.

Prospero. No. You’re so wicked, it would infect my mouth just to call you ‘brother.’ Nevertheless, I forgive you. But I want my dukedom back from you. I know you have to give it back now.

Alonso. If you’re Prospero, tell us how you’ve survived here all these years. Tell us how you happened to meet us here. We’ve been wrecked for three hours and I’ve lost my dear son, Ferdinand.

Prospero. I’m sorry for you, sir.

Alonso. The loss is irreparable and my patience is spent.

Prospero. I rather think you haven’t sought Patience’s help. I’ve suffered similar loss and she’s been very helpful in my case.

Alonso. You suffered the same loss as me?

Prospero. Yes. My loss is just as great and as recent as yours. I’ve lost a daughter.

Alonso. A daughter? Oh heavens! I wish they were both living in Naples. I wish they were the king and queen there. I wish I was in that cozy bed where my son now lies. When did you lose your daughter?

Prospero. In the same tempest. I know these men are thinking that this encounter is all a fantasy and that their eyes are fooling them to believe something that’s not true. I want you to know that you’re no longer enchanted and that what you see here is reality. I’m Prospero, Duke of Milan. I landed on this very strange shore on which your ship was wrecked. I’ve ruled it since. Welcome sir, this room here is my court. I have few attendants and subjects here, but none on the rest of the island. Come inside and see. You’ve given me back my dukedom and this is a good thing. I’ll give you a wonder to please you as much as my returned dukedom pleases me.

Here Prospero reveals Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess.

Miranda. (To Ferdinand) You’re cheating.

Ferdinand. No, my dear. I won’t do such a thing.

Miranda. If we were playing for something important, you would say that too, wouldn’t you. Never mind, I don’t care. I love you that much.

Alonso. If this is just a vision the island is giving me, I’d have lost my son twice.

Sebastian. It’s a miracle!

Ferdinand. (Sees his dad) The seas were threatening, but they’re merciful. I’ve cursed them without cause. (Kneels).

Alonso. I’m so blessed. I’m so happy. Get up and tell me how you came here.

Miranda. O, wonder. How many fine looking creatures are here? How beautiful mankind is. O brave new world that has such people in it.

Prospero. This is all new to you.

Alonso. Who is the girl you’re playing with? You can only have known her for at most, 3 hours. Is she the goddess that separated us and brought us together again?

Ferdinand. Sir, she is mortal. But by immortal plan, she’s mine. I chose her when I couldn’t ask you for your advice. I didn’t even think I had a father anymore. She is the Duke’s daughter. I’ve so often heard of his popularity but had never seen him before now. He’s given me a second life and a second father through Miranda.

Alonso. I accept her. Would it be odd if I asked my own child for forgiveness?

Prospero. There, sir, stop. Let’s not think of the past. It’s all gone.

Gonzalo. I’ve wept inwardly, and I want to say this. Look down, you gods. Bless this couple because it’s you who’ve planned all this to bring us together.

Alonso. I say amen, Gonzalo.

Gonzalo. Rejoice! All is well. In one voyage Claribel married her husband in Tunisa. Ferdinand, her brother, found a wife. Prospero has found his dukedom, and we’ve all found ourselves.

Alonso (To Ferdinand and Miranda). Give me your hands. Let grief and sorrow be upon all who do not wish you well.

Gonzalo. Let it be so, Amen!

Enter Ariel with the master and Boatswain following, confused.

O, Look sir. Here are more of the men. I prophesied that this guy would not die drowning. No more swearing now. I’m done with that. What’s the news?

Boatswain. The best news is that we’ve found our King and the rest of the company safe and sound. Next, our ship, three hours after we split, is safe and in ship-shape. It’s better than it was when we first set out to sea.

Ariel. (Aside to Prospero) Sir, I did all this service since I left.

Prospero. (Aside to Ariel) My brave spirit.

Alonso. These are not natural events. They get stranger and stranger. How did you find us here?

Boatswain. Sir, if I knew, I would tell you. We were fast asleep, and all tied under hatches. We heard all these strange noises, of roaring, shrieking, howling, jingling chains and more. They were all horrible. When we woke up, we were suddenly free. We were all clean and fresh. Our ship was fine. Our master was dancing when he saw her. Then, all of a sudden as if in a dream, we were separated from them and brought here in a daze.

Prospero. (To Ariel) Well done. You will be free.

Alonso. This is so very strange. This is more than nature can do on its own. Some magic is at work here.

Prospero. Sir, don’t worry about all that strange business. Soon I’ll explain every last incident that’s happened. Until then, have fun. (Aside to Ariel) Come here, spirit. Set Caliban and his companions free. Release the spell. (Exit Ariel). How’re you doing, my fine sir? There’s still some of your party missing; some odd men that you don’t remember.

Enter Ariel driving in Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo still wearing their stolen clothes.

Stephano. Every man for everyone else. Let’s all stick together. Courage, bully-monster, courage!

Trinculo. If what I see before me is true, this is a splendid sight.

Caliban. O Setebos, god of my mother, these are brave spirits indeed. My master is really good. He’ll be so angry with me.

Sebastian. Ha, ha! What are these, Antonio? Can we buy them? (Referring to Caliban and the men)

Antonio. I’m sure we can. One of them is a fish and he’s no doubt, marketable.

Prospero. These men are thieves, my lords. They stole my cloak. The misshapen one, his mother was a witch so strong she could control the moon without its permission. These three have robbed me. This demi-devil plotted with them to kill me. Two of these are yours. This thing of darkness is mine.

Caliban. I will be pinched to death.

Alonso. Isn’t this Stephano, my drunken butler?

Sebastian. He’s completely drunk now. Where did he get the wine?

Alonso. Trinculo’s drunk too. Where did they get the drink from? How did they get this drunk?

Trinculo. I’ve been this drunk since I last saw you. I’m starting to think I’ll never get sober. The drinks might have pickled my bones.

Sebastian. How so?

Stephano. Don’t touch me. I’m not Stephano. I’m a big cramp.

Prospero. I thought you were 'king' of the island.

Stephano. I would’ve been a rotten one.

Alonso. This one is really strangely deformed. (Speaking of Caliban)

Prospero. He’s deformed in his manners as he is in his shape. (To Caliban) Go to my cell and take your companions with you. You have my pardon now, but don’t take advantage of it.

Caliban. I won’t. I’ll be wise from now on and do what you tell me. What a thrice-double ass I was to mistake this drunkard for a god and worship this dumb fool.

Prospero. Go!

Alonso. And put back that cloak where you found it.

Sebastian. Or stole it, rather.

Exit Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo.

Prospero. Sir, I’m inviting your highness and your men to my humble home, where you can rest for tonight. I’ll make it go quickly by explaining about what’s gone on in my life since I came here, and the incidents that have happened to you. In the morning, I hope to see these two dearly-beloved married. After that, I’ll retire to my Milan, where every third thought would be about my grave.

Alonso. I long to hear the story of your life. I’m sure it’ll be a very strange one.

Prospero. I’ll tell you everything. And promise you calm seas and a trip so quick and smooth, you’ll catch up with your royal fleet which is now far off. (Aside to Ariel) My Ariel, chick, that is the last thing for you to do then you’re free. I wish you well. (To the others) Please come with me.

Spoken by Prospero.

Now my charms are all overthrown
And the strength I have is all my own,
It’s very weak. Now, it’s true
Here I must be confined by you,
Or be sent to Naples. Let me not,
Since I have my dukedom got
And forgiven the deceiver, dwell
In this bare island by your spell.
But release me from my bonds
With the help of your good hands.
Gentle breath of yours my sails
Must fill, or else my project to please you fails.
This I lack: spirits to enforce, art to enchant.
My ending is despair
Unless I’m relieved by prayer,
Which pierces so that it assaults
Mercy itself and frees all faults.
As you from crimes would pardoned be,
Let your indulgence set me free.



The Tempest


Prospero – the rightful Duke of Naples
Miranda – Prospero’s daughter
Ariel – a spirit
Alonzo – King of Naples
Sebastian – the king’s brother
Ferdinand – son of Alonzo, king of Naples
Antonio – Prospero’s brother and the usurping Duke of Naples
Gonzalo – an honest, old councillor
Adrian and Francisco – lords
Caliban – a savage, deformed slave
Trinculo – a jester (clown)
Stephano – a drunken butler
Master of the ship
Other spirits: Iris, Ceres, Juno, Nymphs, Reapers


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Act 2 
Act 3
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Tempest Act IV

A C T 1 V

Scene 1. (The front of Prospero’s cell)

Enter Ferdinand, Prospero and Miranda.

Prospero. (Speaking to Ferdinand). Look, I know I’ve been hard on you, but the compensation I’m giving you is going to be more than worth it. I’m giving you
Miranda, who’s a third of my own life. All the things I put you through were just to test your love for her, and you’ve definitely proven yourself. I don’t have enough words to tell you how valuable she is.

Ferdinand. I know. I believe it with all my heart.

Prospero. Then I’m happy to hand her over to you. But if you sleep with her before the rites of the wedding are said, bad luck and ruin will follow your union forever. You will have no wedding bliss or good omens and your marriage will be barren and hateful.

Ferdinand. I want to live out my days with Miranda filled with love and fruitful bliss. Nothing on earth can make me lessen the excitement of the celebration of our wedding day.

Prospero. Well said. Sit down and talk with her. She’s yours.

(Enter Ariel)

What, Ariel, my industrious servant, Ariel!

Ariel. At your service, master. What can I do for you?

Prospero. You and the other servants really did well at your last job, and I’ve got to use you to do something similar again. Go bring the others. Tell them to be quick. I want them to put on a performance for the lovely couple. It’s the least they’d expect of me.

Ariel. Now?

Prospero. Sure.

Ariel. (In a song) Before you can say, ‘Come’ and ‘Go,’
And breathe twice and cry, ‘so, so,’
Each one tripping on his toe,
Will be here with mop and mow.
Do you love me master, no?

Prospero. Dearly, my Ariel. Don’t come till I call you.

Ariel. Okay. Understood.


Prospero. (Apparently having caught the couple hugging) Remember your promise to me. Don’t give into temptation and don’t push yourself too far or you won’t have the self-control to keep to your vow.

Ferdinand. I promise you, sir, Nothing’s going on here. Your daughter is too pure for that.

Prospero. All right then. Come with me, Ariel. And bring your spirits with you just in case we need an extra one. Be quiet and watch.

(Soft music)

From here onto where Prospero says, 'I have to take a little walk to clear my head' you have to imagine this as musical or ballet. Spirits sing and talk in rhymes as part of the wedding ceremony performance. I tried to keep the poetry in this section as much as possible where it makes sense in modern language. However, some of them understandably can’t be explained properly without taking some of the poetry language out. This is the performance Prospero wants for the wedding celebrations.

Enter Iris who is the messenger spirit of Juno (Roman queen of gods and wife of Jupiter).
(Sings a song)

Iris. Ceres, (goddess of agriculture) most bountiful lady. Your rich fields of wheat, rye, barley and peas. Your generous mountains where the sheep graze and live off the rich grass that cover you everywhere. Both nymphs and bachelors love you for the thatch used to make crowns and groves. Your vines grow neatly around poles. (To Juno) You're the queen of the sky and I’m your messenger.

Juno descends. (Roman queen of gods and wife of Jupiter)

Here on this grass plot, in this very place,
To come and sport; her peacocks fly amain. (Peacocks are sacred to Juno).
Approach rich, Ceres, her to entertain.

Enter Ceres (goddess of agriculture).

Ceres. (Sings a song) Hail, many-coloured messenger, that never
Does disobey the wife of Jupiter,
Who, with your saffron wings, upon my flowers
Beautiful honey drops, refreshing showers,
And with each end of your blue bow does crown
My shrubbed acres and my unshrubbed down,
Rich scarf to my proud earth. Why has your queen
Summoned me to this short-grassed green?

Iris. A contract of true love to celebrate
And some donation to freely bestow
On the blessed lovers.

Ceres. Tell me, heavenly bow,
Venus and her son(Cupid), as you know
Now attends the Queen, since the plot
to steal my daughter from Pluto the king of the underworld.
I don’t keep her and her blind boy’s sore
And scandalous company anymore.

Iris. Of her society
You don’t have to be afraid. I met her Diety and her son
(Venus is the goddess of love, and Cupid is her son).
On their way flying to Paphos.
I thought they had done
Some charm upon this man and maid
Whose vows are that no bed-right shall be paid,
Till the rites are fully said.

Juno alights

Ceres. Highest queen of state. Great Juno comes. I know her by her appearance.

Juno. How is my beautiful sister? Come with me to bless the couple. That they’re prosperous and have a great life.

They sing.

Juno. Honour, riches, marriage blessings.
Long life and prosperity
Hourly joys be ever upon you.
Juno sings her blessings on you
Earth’s increase always in abundance
Barnes and fields never empty.
Vines and produce always growing,
Plants with goodly burden bowing.
Spring come to you for a long time
May there be no winter in your life.
Scarcity and want shall shun you,
Ceres’ blessing so, is on you.

Ferdinand. This is such an awesome vision. Am I right that these are spirits?

Prospero. I’ve used my art to call these spirits from their homes so they can enact my present fancies.

Ferdinand. I want to live here forever. You’re such a rare and awesome father. Your wisdom has made this place paradise.

Juno and Ceres whisper and send Iris to do something.

Prospero. Be quiet now everyone. Juno and Ceres are talking about something important. There’s something else to do. Be quiet or you’ll spoil the spell.

Iris. You nymphs, Naiades of the winding brooks, Juno commands you to leave your green lands and come here. Come and help us celebrate this union of true love.

Enter Reapers dressed in celebratory costume and dance with the Nymphs. Nearing the end of the dance, Prospero speaks and breaks the spell and they all vanish suddenly.

Prospero. (Aside) I'd forgotten that the time for Caliban and his confederates‘ plan to try to kill me is almost here. (To the Spirits) well done! That’s it! No more.

Ferdinand. This is strange. Your father seems to be very worried about something.

Miranda. Up until today, I’ve never seen him so angry and irritable.

Prospero. Don’t worry about anything, my boy. Be happy. Your celebration is now finished. As I told you, these were all spirits and have now melted into thin air. Everything is imaginary. We are made just like these things. I’m a little disturbed, but don’t let that worry you. Just come back to my place if you want and relax there. I have to take a little walk to clear my head.

Ferdinand, Miranda. Okay. Have a good walk.

                                                                    Exit Ferdinand and Miranda.

Prospero. Where’re you Ariel? I want to thank you.

Enter Ariel.

Ariel. Here I am. What can I do for you?

Prospero. We must prepare to meet Caliban.

Ariel. Yes, sir. I thought of that while Ceres was talking and wanted to say something, but I thought you ‘d be angry with me.

Prospero. Where did you say you saw Caliban and those clowns last?

Ariel. I told you, sir. They were so drunk, they could beat up the air for blowing in their faces too hard. They were in such a mood, they could beat the ground for touching their feet. But they were still bent on carrying out their plan. When I beat my tabor (drum) they pricked their ears and looked up like wild colts. I charmed their ears then, so they followed my music through briers and gorses like poor, little calves. I tell you, that destroyed their shins no end. After that, I left them in that filthy, smelly pool beyond your cell, completely covered in scum. They were dancing around, complaining that the lake made their feet smell.

Prospero. This was well done, my dearest. Stay invisible and go bring me that shiny cloak from my house. I need it for a decoy to catch those thieves.

Ariel. Okay, off I go.


Prospero. No matter how well you nurture a devil, he’ll remain a devil. I spent so much time and effort with him, (Caliban) now all that is lost. His body becomes more ugly with age, and so does his mind. I’ll teach him a good lesson.

Enter Ariel carrying a shiny cloak.

Come hang it on this lime tree.

Prospero and Ariel remain invisible. Enter Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo, all soaking wet and drenched in dirt.

Caliban. We've to very walk quietly now we’ve almost reached his cell.

Stephano. Monster, that fairy you said was harmless totally tricked us and wrapped us round his little finger.

Trinculo. Monster, I smell like horses’ pee. It’s awful.

Stephano. I don’t like it either, Monster. Not one bit. This plan had better go well, because I’m losing my patience with you.

Trinculo. You were already lost when we found you.

Caliban. Please, master. Just give me one more chance. This prize I’m about to bring you is well worth everything we’ve been through. Just be very quiet.

Trinculo. Okay, but we lost our bottles in that stinking pond.

Stephano. It’s not just the disgrace and embarrassment at being tricked. We actually lost valuable stuff too.

Trinculo. That actually upsets me more than getting drenched. All that because of your ‘harmless’ fairy.

Stephano. I think I’ll go back for my bottle, even though I’ll practically have to swim to get it back in that deep, smelly pond.

Caliban. Please, my king. Please be quiet. See this? It’s the mouth of his cell. Enter quietly. Do your stuff and you’ll own this Island forever. Then I, Caliban will be your foot-licker always.

Stephano. Give me your hand. I’m going to do this.

Trinculo. Oh, King Stephano, this is suitable clothes here for you. (He’s seen the shiny cloak hanging from the tree).

Caliban. Leave that. It’s trash.

Trinculo. Hang on there, monster. We can tell the difference between good clothes and rags.

Stephano. Leave that alone, Trinculo. It belongs to me. I’ll have it!

Trinculo. Oh yes, king. Have it.

Caliban. Guys, are you stupid? That’ll slow us down, man. Kill Prospero first. If he awakes we’re in for trouble. He’ll get his spirits to pinch us from head to toe.

Stephano. You be quiet, monster. This jacket will suit me to a T. (Takes it down). Check me out in this.

Trinculo. Classic! Someone looks fine. You just have to have that.

Stephano. Thanks, man. You’ll be rewarded when I’m king of this country.

Trinculo. Monster, come check this out.

Caliban. I’m having none of it. You guys are wasting time here. We’ll all be turned to barnacles or apes.

Stephano. Monster, I want you to take this to where my hogshed of wine is. If you don’t I’ll turn you out of my kingdom. Go on, carry this.

Trinculo. And this.

Staphano. And this.

A noise of hunters is heard. Enter spirits in the shape of dogs and hounds hunting them.

Prospero. Hey, mountain, hey!

Ariel. Silver, there it goes, Silver!

Prospero. Fury, Fury! Here, Tyrant! Here, here!

Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano are driven out.

Prospero. (To Ariel) Go and tell my goblins to age all their joints, shorten up their sinews with old age cramps. Pinch them so much that they have more spots than a mountain leopard.

Ariel. Hear them scream!

Prospero. Let them be hunted soundly. At this moment all my enemies are at my mercy. All my labours will end soon, and you will have your freedom. I just need you to do one more thing.


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